Technology has permeated nearly every aspect of our lives. We now have access to more data and conveniences than the most wealthy and well-connected individuals a few decades ago ever dreamed of.

The dangers have also increased.

Trillions are lost every year.


Attempts at increasing security practices have become counterproductive. Every website and program has its own login information. Password requirements get more complex and require frequent changes, ensuring that we use easy to remember passwords or write them down.

Humans are the weak link.


We can’t help it. Our brains can only hold so much information so we begin to reuse passwords among various sites, utilize easy to remember passwords, or write them down next to our computer. Each practice serves to make our financial and personal data vulnerable to hacking.

We make security passive.


At GoCrypto, we use the latest in cryptographic technology to robustly secure your information at the highest levels. Our master authentication devices allow users to comply with the strictest of security protocols without having to compromise on convenience.

Set it and forget it.


Integrate with a password manager to simply log into websites and applications, each with their own unique username and password. Integrate with a wallet to quickly validate financial transactions, protecting yourself from fraudulent charges. Quickly and easily utilize cryptocurrencies for daily purchases.

Take control. We’ll show you how!